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The writing here is very good, but I don't quite understand the point of the story. It's probably just me. I'm not too swift. But, a little more explaination would help me. Others may feel differently. However, I think the writing itself is great, well done. Easy to read.
Perhaps I shouldn't comment as I have no earthly idea what I just read; but it is intriguing, and somewhat fascinating to me, even though I'm at a loss as to what I read. Perhaps I'm dense, but it was written well.
Your entry is part Science Fiction. It seems the gift of your MC was being able to discern a epitaph summary of the deceased. (soul writer) Your MC has a certain arrogance about her concerning her work. She refers to the "cruelty of her handiwork." There is also dissatisfaction concerning what she does, especially concerning Tak. Is there more to it than the fact that she has to look into the soul of the dead? Perhaps I'm missing some of what you intended, though. I'd be interested in hearing from you if you'd PM me. I really enjoyed your writing. This is VERY well written.
Gifted, artistic writing. Reads like an excerpt from a longer work, perhaps a full-length novel, but more likely a lengthier short story.
A soul writer is a unique occupation and an interesting subject for a story. You have captured a depth of feeling in a beautifully written piece. I liked the way you introduced a sense of calm when Tak encouraged prayer and a belief in self to take away the frustrations of the work. I look forward to more of your writing.
I wish I knew more of the background here, like where she works, and and what she and Tak are doing with the verses. But I loved reading your writing, lots of conflicting emotions are bubbling through.
Your writing in this genre is so good. I could both sense and see the struggle your MC was having between her gift and her clients. The dialogue hauntingly pulls the reader into this shadowed chamber and we can't but help to look around for meanging.
This story intrigues me! I read it twice, and once I had the gist of what she was doing, the second reading was very enjoyable. In the second reading, I was free to savor the story instead of simply gathering, storing, and piecing the clues together in my mind as I had done in the first reading. C.S. Lewis complained that Americans are predictably suspicious of the mystical nature of spirituality, and I felt that at first. Once I jumped in with both feet, the deep water of this story felt wonderful!
I agree with the comment that said you are a master in this genre. It seems effortless for you. This was good, very profound and well written.