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Oh very good. I'm not too familiar with the story, but you brought it alive. I also liked how you wove the verses into the story.
Great job on this story! You have me wanting to look it up now. ;-) The verses were perfect and Pope Leo is definitely the epitome of calm. I also really like the title. Good luck!
Extremely professional with a ring of authenticity. History comes to life in your story.
This is excellent and very well researched. I consider myself a church history buff and I couldn’t fault your attention to detail.
The biggest problem that I can see with your piece is that it will go over the heads of most people. Leo is a great figure in church history but largely ignored outside of catholic circles and your readers won’t know whether your story is set in the fifth century or the fifteenth. So you need to find some way of helping them to connect historically.
Love the structure of this piece--very effective.
Excellent description - very vivid. And I absolutely LOVE the weaving of the psalm into it. Wonderfully done, Peter. SO glad I asked for an extra hint :)
Super! I hadn't heard this historical story before, but I like your rendition regardless. The Psalm woven in reflected underlying calmness, and the peace of Pope Leo.
This is an incredible story. Your writing captured my attention from the beginning, and held it throughout. I really enjoyed reading this piece of history. Great job.
Brilliant. I only had a vague knowledge of Pope Leo's confrontation with Attila the Hun, so I found this fascinating.
I can't agree with Gregory that it will go over most peoples' heads. I think there are enough clues even for those who have a scratchy knowledge of history. Attila the Hun, for instance, is familiar to everybody as one of Rome's greatest enemies. The titles of the Roman dignitaries is certainly not 15th century.
It's stories like these that first gave me an interest in history when I was young.