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“Ah, God made de cat dat man may touch de lion, chèr. Her choice is made, I tink.”

Awwwwww . . . I confess, I know whose this is AND I even got to look it over BUT I still reeeeeeeally enjoyed it and think Mavis will make a fine watchman, errrr, watchcat! :)
Wow. So cool. I love the characters, and I could easily imagine them walking the city, scanning the side streets with their golden eyes. The title is one of the best this week.
Awww, I like this one. I feel like there's a whole lot more story to tell, that we only got a teasing glimpes of. Great story.
The characters and dialogue work is outstanding. I definately want to read more. Top dog in the puppy pen.
Okay--this piece is the whole deal--a compelling voice, a gift with dialects (several of them!), a kitten, fer Pete's sake, and one of the most interesting characters ever. My only complaint is selfish--not enough words.
I’m really not sure what’s going on here but the writing has some elegant touches. Here’s my favourite line: “The small cat strode cement, sniffing our shoes, inspecting each of us, tail at twelve o’clock.” I can visualise that cat, hear it purring, and feel its tailing rubbing across my calves. And I don’t even much like cats!
Lol. I have to say-this was cute. I can't help it. I like cate-no, LOVE them and this was just too cute. Good descriptions, especially the dialouge. Nice.
Amazingly vivid writing. Love all of it. You are good!
Wow. This is so good. Sci Fi is not my favorite, but THIS I would read. I so want to know these characters better. I want to know the rest. Awesome. I can't wait for the whole work so I can read these with my son. I can just picture his eyes as we read these. I have goose bumps.