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I just couldn't pass this one up. You've written about two of my favorite things: parrots and the elderly. If I could give you a personal award, I would. :0) This had an easy flow about it, and was very entertaining. The ending is sweet and poignant. Well done.
Couldn't stop reading this. This poor lady! I guess she didn't live long enough to know the difference Jesus would have made to HER surprise ending! The title is very clever.
Cute turn of events here. Certainly a surprise ending.
This is a clever piece worthy of a second reading. I noticed the allusions to Warner Bros cartoons and I loved the neat and tidy way that Emmy made her preparations, all the while misleading the reader into thinking she was going to make a break for it. The spiritual application was well done although I wonder whether it might have been too subtle for some people. One of the commentators has made the meaning clear but it’s entirely possible that some readers might have been left puzzled by the ending.
I adore the relationship between this woman and her bird - it was absolutely magical. Wonderful ending - and I loved the cartoon references!
I loved your story of the delightful little old lady and her bird. You "showed" so much of her character by her actions and her words. That's excellent writing.
I love the line: "She was in pretty good shape for the shape she was in." Hilarious. I also loved 'watiching' the bird come to life as well.
This is life so real it flies off the page. Emmy and her parrot are lovable and cozy and real. Emmy's boredom though is the clue that she lived a life apart from the Lord and therefore utterly selfish. Where my 93-year-old mom lives in an apartment complex for the elderly I see some Emmy's -and some whose lives reflect a long-lived zeal for the Lord.