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This is really nice. As someone who doesn't always sleep well, I can relate. The descriptions were vivid, and there was just the right touch of humor. Thumbs up.
Enjoyed the voice of this, and the very vivid descriptions.
I hate to admit it but I haven’t a clue what Bajeeber Pudding is. Neither did I have the foggiest about chickens called Earl and kelp. But I did like the graphic descriptions, especially those of the wildlife. The fox dancing in the streetlight was a lovely touch. Ditto the low intensity warfare with the spider population. Hope you manage to forgive the cat ...
I'm sitting here smiling after reading this. I really enjoyed the low key tone. It matches that early morning feeling perfectly. (I have actually experienced early morning on a few occssions! LOL) Love the dream like touches of some things suddenly appearing, sounding 'off the wall' and 'out of the blue' then they're gone again. Enjoyed this a lot!
Your story makes me want to get up tomorrow and watch the sunrise. I once had a deer scare the Bajeebers out of me very early one morning. : ) Stupid deer. Excellent Glenn!
A delightful read that left me smiling - your voice is very engaging!
I love the spiteful opossum! When I read that, I thought, "That's exactly how those ugly things look!". Many lines in this entry made me smile, and also awed by your great descriptions.

Yeah. Cat. Kid. Alarm clock. Phone. Always something disturbing those dreams. Sometimes, that's a GOOD thing!