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Yep, murder is wrong no matter who commits it; an educated, sophisticated doctor with the government's backing in his pocket, or a man crazed with pain and loss. The solution to both scenarios is a touch of the Lord's Hand upon each life.
Wow, this is a powerful story. I was unsettled by it but could not stop reading. Though he was bold in his pain, it is sad that the old man took the road he chose.

I wanted to point out the first paragraph, how the description of the room slowly eased into hints that it had been untouched for years. I thought that was genius and perfectly executed. Awesome job; good luck!!
The title is perfect for this poem. God does not honor a murderous heart, even when the planned victim has done something evil. I love the surprise at the end. The description of the "shrine" room is excellent.
Haunting. Sometimes it's the writers job to haunt people so that they get off the mug wump's fence. The boldness here isn't the story but the story teller. Haunting, this is indeed haunting. I hope it's a well told story as opposed to a haunting personal story with abortions no win experience.