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Yes, I've been in the same place before. I didn't realize my fears until I was alone, and they all came creeping out! Calling on the Lord for protection and to overcome my fears should be a FIRST step, not last. But I find myself forgetting once the fear catches up with me. Good writing.
You expressed so well my sentiments on human boldness. Its foundation is like an excavated cavern, whereas true Godly boldness rests on solid granite. You have made some excellent points and done so with skill.
I can't tell you how many times this imagination of mine has placed me in a state of "What if" fear, how many times I've cried myself to sleep, my sweet husband never realizing the insane depths of horror I've allowed my mind to 'bodly' go.

All that to say, "been there, done that." You did a great job bringing it to life. I'd suggest reading your story aloud, just to see where you might want to fix some punctuation. Otherwise, well done.
Good take on boldness here. We all need to learn to let God have our trust. Faith is "fully putting our trust in God". Many of us have never yet accomplished this.