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I love this. As someone who's been there, I'll say this is spot on. A well written story that needs to be told - to give a better understanding of eating disorders. Thank you for writing this.
This really touched my heart. Getting a peek inside a girl like this is eye opening. Great, great stuff.
Very powerful and well-written. Wonderful job!
"Hunger--her secret friend..." Wow--I hadn't understood before what a horrible bondage that is. Carly's twenty minutes in a restaurant were, to her, like breathless eons. Your descriptions, her dialogue with Jesus, got it across powerfully. I sure hope this gets a wide audience.
You got into Carly's head to perfection. I hope you'll publish this for the sake of those who have to face this problem every day. Good work.
I deal with eating disorders in teaching health to 7th grade girls, but I had never heard or thought of hunger being perceived as comforting before. Thanks for the walk in this struggling girl's shoes.
This is really wonderful. I hope it reaches many others outside of FaithWriters.
Just EXCELLENT - you definitely put me inside Carly's head in a way I have never experienced before. I truly feel that I understand those with eating disorders better now thanks to reading this. Thank you for that.
I was really gripped by the intense feelings of the MC. This gives a great insight into the mind of those who suffer from eating disorders. You had me reading intently from the first sentence.
Oh, this one definitely needs to find a bigger audience! Wonderfully written, perfect in every way.
What a creative entry for "fearful." So prevalent in today's world. Yes...please do find a bigger audience for this one. Expertly written.
I've never understood this problem, but you have made it a little easier to understand.
Very relevant and well-written piece! Your descriptions of Carly's thoughts, emotions,and physical feelings were excellent! Great job! :)
Excellent! You captured her fear and her struggle. I loved the prayer sprinkled throughout. Super.
This is really, really good. Your writing put me in the middle of the scene from the first sentence. I felt her panic and fear throughout the story. I fought with her as she battled in her head. Great job with the topic.
I've never read a story on this subject before. The subject matter is indeed sad but this writing of it is wonderful. Good job.
You did an awesome job getting into the mind of the MC. As someone who LOVES food this was the first time I could understand someone with this problem's mindset. I am so thankful for this story. I feel like I have a greater understanding now. Bless you for this.
This well-written story takes us straight into the mind of a person with this problem.
This entry touched me deeply. I love how you described Carly's battle. Well done!
I am not familiar with eating disorders, but you've helped me have a better understanding of them. Great job of sharing your MC's thoughts. I liked this.