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Lovely and heartwarming. I was going to pick a favorite line, but I'd have to quote the whole poem. I love the meter of this - so soothing, as it should be.
I loved these two sections the best,
"“O, Gentle Jesus meek and mild,
Please watch over my precious child
Place loving arms around her, Lord—
Our hearts beat with one accord
Give peace, and music to her ears
Jesus, take away her fears.”

Calmness enters, God’s love displayed
Rest in Jesus, all fear will fade
His love brings peace to your soul—
Know Our Father’s in control
All fear is gone, sleep to restore
“My little princess weeps no more.”

Such a soothing quality to the entire poem. I can't see anything that jumps out at me asking to be corrected. A lot of thought went into the entire poem. Good job!
You did a great job. Having my own blue-eyed little girl I can relate to wanting to give comfort.

I'm not much of a poetry person, but this touched my heart.
Here's my favorite line ... "Give peace, and music to her ears" I LOVE this visual. I just love it - It's like a warm embrace. The whole poem is ...

This is precious ... and beautiful.
I love everything about this poem, which is oh-so-rich in sweetness and grace.
Yes, I agree, very soothing and it's about someone having fear. Wonderful calming effect! I could just see a little childs storybook made from this. Lovely poem!
Some lovely thoughts within this piece; however, the rhyme is off a bit, thus making it jagged and non-smooth. But practice makes perfect. Sweet story.
Tender, sweet, and charming poem for children. Very soothing and comforting words, too.
This delightful poem has great tenderness and sweetness.
Chrissy, I really like this. Love that it's a daddy's prayer for his little girl. Wonderful!
All of us who have daughters can so relate to this. So beautifully done! You are really gifted by God.
Dag-nab-bit! There you go tuggin' on my heart. We raised three girls. Though they are all grown now with families of their own, I still see their eyes of life and wonder when their fingers were wrapped firmly around my finger.
THis was so beautiful! Well done!
I did enjoy the third stanza, the flow of the rest was a little off but not bad. It is definitely the parent's prayer not sure if a child would necessarily understand all the words. Little ones look to their immediate parents for their protection.
This is so beautiful! I found the link in the children's story thread and enjoyed the read. Brings back nice memories for me. ^_^
What a lovely and touching poem. Would have been great for this week's Topic, right? I was just checking out your poetry, Chrissy...and sorry I misspelled your name on the Boards...a really super poem!