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Well written story with an explanation of tongues and a good ending. Well done!
The little girl certainly captured my heart--good story, rich with tension and resolution.
I cried when I read the translated prayer. And isn't that the purpose of a story - to touch our souls?
Well written story showing God's faithfulness even in our fears.
Wow, the Holy Spirit can comfort and encourage even when we aren't aware of it! Great story. The fear of the foster parents is well portrayed, and the ending gives hope for a better life for the little one.
Thank you. I really felt the fear in this piece. Losing your child, if even for a moment, is terrifying. You described it so well.
Beautiful storytelling, and I could certainly feel the fear and the hope. I was drawn in from beginning to end. Excellent.
Beautiful story, how we wish every child who's hurt by those they were originally entrusted to would find new parents that show such love. Everyone remember to lift Maddie McCann up in prayers, too, that she will be home safe in her own parents' arms!
The added touch of speaking in tongues with a purpose was just right. A very touching piece.
You captured my heart with your story. Well done!
Very touching story. Definitely nailed the topic. Good Job.
Very moving story, brought to a satisfactory conclusion. Makes us aware of the tragedy of innocent kids suffering from abuse. Yet God hurts over them more than we do. "..a Father to the fatherless...."
I'm wondering if the second part of the title would have been sufficient by itself. That would get anyone's attention.
I forgot to say: I think it's one of your best.