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I'd like more of these characters!

I was a bit confused at the end, though--I thought Devin was the "enemy", not Jimmy. And some missing quotation marks caused me to backtrack a bit.

I can see Billy Buford as a continuing character in children's Sunday School stories.
This is very cute. Billy would be a great role model for kids.

Good job.
Loved this brief but brilliant entry. It doesn't take 750 words to get across such a great lesson. You did this beautifully...and from the title throughout...very, very cool. I give this an A+.
Godd characterization and use of scripture. I think kids would relate well.
Nice scene. This could be part of a larger work. I hope you carry this out and make it one. Some punctuation problems had me re-reading some portions. so you might spend a little extra time over that. But, very nicely done.
You did a good job illustrating Billy's fear of fighting, and his solution: being kind instead of paying back for wrongs done to him. Kids would enjoy this character!