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A charming poem -- very clever. I liked this very much. Good job.
Oh, so charming! I can just picture the illustrations for this poem in a children's book. The words would be wonderful for children to read, too, with the easy flow and rhyme.
I love're such a scaredy plant. Cute!
What a wonderful, encouraging poem for children. One thing - the last stanza starts out plural and ends singular. Easy to fix. But this is really a fun read and very strong on God's protection.
This is so precious. I love it and would love to see it with beautiful, colorful illustrations.

I loved this line:
Viola’s mother said to her,
“You’re such a scaredy plant.

Great job!
This is absolutely delightful and sweet. Wonderful.
I love it when a word such as fearful can be written in so many creative ways. To write from the perspective of a plant is inspiring to me and beautiful. I can see it illustrated. I want to see more children's books like this for my grandchildren.. Great writing..! Dianne
Absolutely delightful - for Grown ups too! Loved it! Loved it, Loved it!
I agree with the above comments. This is an excellent children's poem. Fantastic work!
"You're such a scaredy plant" How adorable!
Ditto to all the above comments and more so. This was such a delight to read. Beautiful to the eye, the ear, and the heart.
Wonderful and delightful to read. Put it in the puppy pen.
Very sweet, I will have to share with my daughter. She'll love this.

I enjoyed this. Well done. chris x
Thanks for the precious, true reminder that God is with us all the way and made each of us to "bloom where we're planted". Great job!
Oh, my! What a precious and perfectly written poem! I know you wrote it with children in mind, but this adult was abundantly blessed by it! ;) Absolutely wonderful!!
This is indeed precious. And a good lesson for adults, as well.
What a sweet poem and message for little ones. The flow was so easy to read. I could just picture a child reading it and smiling. Very nice! I'll read it to my grandkids someday when I have them.
Super cute! Liked the lilt and since I loved violets I was captured from the beginning.
Very charming and sweet poem! Well done!