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I really, really loved this and wanted it to continue with even more hilarious close-encounters. I hope you will take your characters with you and install them into a novel.
This was entertaining. I could almost picture it as a movie.
Oh yes, more please! There is a whole novel here, or at least a short story. Intriguing.
Wow! What a fantastic interlude from the mundane. Very creative, from the title right on down to the last line. Very interesting, extremely intriguing, and a page turner for sure. Good job of "confusion". Thanks!
Ha! I loved this story and the whole premise. It would be very fun to read more about this couple who passed each other like ships in the night, er, fog. Great, creative story!
A wonderful read. Man, her new husband was kind of a putz, eh? But it sounds like Mark was a bit too anal. Probably just as well that they didn't meet. I enjoyed the piece, nicely done. New word for the day: "variegated."
Good fun story, leaves the reader with a couple of conclusions, did she ever realize her mistake, did the young man ever know that there had been someone in house and so on. A couple of typos but could happen to anyone.
I envy those who can make such a complete piece using so little words as you've done here. Good length. Nice lite piece.
This was a delight to read! Kept me interested the entire time. What a creative story. I wanted it to continue and am almost afraid to ask .. did this really HAPPEN? I know it is a possibility!
Congratulations Linda! This was one of my favorites~
What a wonderful, entertaining story! Well done and congrats on being highly commended!
Congratulations, Linda. In addition to your advanced highly commended, your entry has placed 17th overall. The Lists for the Top 15 in each Level and the Top 40 overall are available in the Weekly Results and Highest Rankings forum of our Faithwriters Message Boards.
That's really funny! I've often thought about the coincidences and chance encounters of life. I love how you weave it into a story here! Though I was waiting for it to happen when she doesn't write down the number... :)