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Though I can't accept that Jesus was perplexed or confused in His garden battle (sorry), I do commend your writing skill, creativity and courage in tackling a difficult passage where our Lord allowed Himself such transparency in His humanity, while gaining victory in His divinity. Good work!
Wonderful devotional. Jesus paid the price in spite of his reservations.
We often forget the humanity of Jesus and focus on the divine. Your devotional points out that He struggled, in his human heart and mind, to do the will of His Father, too, at times. If God didn't love us so much and want to show us how the human heart can still be led by Him, He would have left out of scriptures this portrait of His Son in these moments of indecision. By showing us that Christ, too, suffered these emotions, we can turn to God in our indecision and follow Jesus's example to put our future in the Father's hands. Great devotional!
Wonderful devotional!
I agree with one of reviewers here, Christ was never confused about his going to the cross. His flesh knew what to expect and he struggled with that but never was he confused. But if that is the way you see it you then your article would certainly encourage those with tough decisions or paths to take when they know Christ also struggled with what was already settled. Keep writing.
I hesitate to comment; it could be that English is a second language for you, in which case it would soften my take on it. But the dialog is very stiff, even for the Lord. It sounds almost like he's teaching a Sunday School lesson at an old English cathedral rather than praying. If I had read it before you posted it, I would have suggested rethinking the dialog. Also, I had always thought the prayer in the garden took place at night, rather than the day...perhaps I've been wrong all these years. In any case, thanks for posting it. I do appreciate the effort.
I think it is particularly difficult to put words into the mouth of the Saviour. We all have our own ideas of what he was like and what might seem quite natural to one person may seem forced to another. Nevertheless I do think that your portrayal of Jesus comes across as unnecessarily befuddled. Lk 9:51 says that “As the time approached for him to be taken up to heaven, Jesus RESOLUTELY set out for Jerusalem.”

Don’t be discouraged. Don’t quit submitting entries. You have at least generated some very healthy debate among the commentators.
This was a very good presentation. It makes the scene more real than just a Bible reading. I'm not sure I can agree with the emotional upheaval you portray in Jesus, though. It doesn't fit with other scripture.
This telling is so precious.I love the way you worded His prayer.It makes the reader empathize with His agony.Very touching
I very much enjoyed the way you modernized the wording of Jesus' most difficult prayerful moments in the garden. Short and simple. very nice.