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Only a person who has experienced this could have explained sooo well. You have captured anger with humor... only humorous if it isn't happening to you)! Excellent entry on subject.
Yes, this definitely fits the topic well! I had almost exactly the same experience several weeks ago, when I moved house and wanted to get on the internet again. I spoke to about 5 separate people, each with a different excuse about why it wasn't working! I can relate to this piece very well!
Oh man, can I identify (and I have no doubt that the rest of the world can too!) This is great writing, great dialogue (even if it was automated!) and great take on the theme.
You have really covered in your delightful story a frustrating, anger-provoking situation we all encounter. Great writing.
Ditto! Ditto! Ditto! It happens all the time - and you had it down to a "T"! But what can one do? Thank Goodness we can make one knee bend and get in touch with heaven in a minute flat! Thanks for reminding me of the red tape of beauracracy(sp)! Great job! Loved that last line!
PS: sorry, I forgot the worst part of it all: The foreign language accent that nobody can understand- (outsourced to another country on the other side of the world!) Thanks for this entry!
Oh, my blood is boiling after reading your entry. It hits too close to home. I've had similar experiences. Yuck! You did a good job on your story!
Press 1 for a .... whatever. How true this is when dealing with anything. And then you find out you're talking to someone in a foreign country who can barely speak English. Nicely done, engaging conversation, and wit. :)
I can relate to this piece. Had to deal with automation and long holds with the phone company and the doctor today. You did a great job of putting my frustration into words.
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Been there, done that.
I almost couldn't see the last line to read it because I was laughing so hard! It's the hysterical laughter of one who knows the circular, maddening run around of insurance company calls. But, you forgot the line about not "having a record of your call." That's my favorite one, and it's a universal problem with all companies. They really should talk to whoever sells them their phone systems. Do I need to say how much I enjoyed this entry? Misery loves company, you know. :)