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Well done. I love the way you interpreted this reaction, which reflects what we know of this character. It took a while for me to realise which story it was, and I liked this.
Oh, I liked this - especially the phrases that Jesus keeps repeating like an echo of the heart that we should always hear even in the darkest of circumstances. The switch from Martha to Mary kind of dulled the edge of the story for me, but other than that the story is great. And there is no disrespect in how you portrayed the characters. Martha could very well (and probably did) react just as you described.
You didn't have to tell the Reader who was speaking...we knew immediately who, when, where and what was happening. Great Bible story retold, and beautifully done! I really liked it! God Bless, and thanks for sharing your insight with us.
Very nice. I enjoyed this and it was fun when I realized it was the story of Lazarus.