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What a story! And what a lesson. Excellent point - though this doesn't flow as well as I know you can make a story flow, you certainly got your point across.
Oh! My heart broke, a couple of times!! I agree with Joanne, but I love the point you made, it's a very timely one that we need to hear from time to time. I loved this line: "It isn’t our right to judge, but it is our responsibility to love." You really nailed it on the head there. Hugs!!
Excellent title, and a powerful indictment of the acts of some Christians. We should all examine our hearts after reading something like this.
A well delivered message. I was caught up in the emotion. Well done. God bless.
Indeed, it is too easy to wrap our robes of righteousness around us when hurting ones need our forgiveness and concern. You presented an excellent message.
I agree with Verna! I hope this child can receive words of hope for her future, and counseling to deal with the after-emotions that can come from her decision. She'll need a lot of love and care from her new church family.
I'm glad you stand up and write your convictions - it heartens readers (like me).
Impassioned, fiery essays such as this shows a true prompting of the Holy Spirit, whom, I'm sure was nudging and cheering you along the whole way.

Church is for the hurt and wounded, something we need to be reminded of from time to time.