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A very unique MC! Good writing, but I wasn't sure whether to take this seriously or not - the pump's lament was so "heart" felt. But I enjoyed it either way. Good job. :)
It's very difficult to move someone and make them laugh in the same entry - and you have definitely achieved this. Your descriptions are very crisp. I enjoyed this!
I was intrigued by the personification of the gas pump and the paper towel holder. This was a unique way to illustrate a sad message.
No problem, Pump Number Three. I can get you gas at 11 cents a litre — and then everyone will LOVE you! Delightful story.
I love inanimate-objects-come-to-life stories! (I think shopping carts that roll away from me in parking lots are really trying to run away, but darn, there's always a curb there to stop them!)Uh-huh. Great minds think alike. Loved your story!
I never cease to be amazed at the creativity shown on this web site... loved the story.. making a very depressing subject a little lighter for us is healthy in my opinion!
This was marvelous. Such a unique take on the subject--sad & humorous all in the same storyline.
About as sad and truthful tale I've read to date. Clever and fun!
I loved your descriptions--I could see the steam rising. I've never thought about life as a gas pump, but I'd guess you captured how it must be for them. :-)