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So refreshing! I laughed out loud. I'm in the middle of laundry and on several "sock hunts" as we speak. Too many of our socks are widowed dying to find their mates, which are in hiding! This is great! Sounds like a real winner to me!
Ah - I am glad I found you! Loved it! ROFL when I read it!
Wow, this was very creative and humorous! I loved it!
I loved it and can relate to the sock theme. Good to know we are needed for more than sock control.
I can relate to the obsession with one aspect of life. My latest one is pulling up every last dandelion in the yard. Humorous and heart warming.
Wonderfully funny and touching article!
Very nicely done.
LOL - too funny! I love a good laugh and this one delivered. Very clever and entertaining. Wonderful writing!
Blessings, Lynda
A delightful tale, told with winning humour.
This was a lovely read! Well done. Very entertaining. As a 37 year old who is temporarily living with parents, I have two odd socks held hostage by my mother at the moment until their mates are found. Mum still is performing her motherly role beautifully. Thanks for sharing.
Wonderful, creative, touching, sock-it-to-em style. Bravo.
Loved it! Very funny! Thanks for setting us free from sock-patrol! Blessings, Cheri
This was the greatest! You are just too funny. I totally get where your're coming from. I hava a draw called, "Socks without Parnters."

My kids search there now when they can't find the other one.(:
This is so funny! I laughed all the way through it! I can relate...there's too many socks, and never any that have a mate!
And you wonder why I asked you to be a co,umnist at CT. figure I should leave a note since my own beautiful bride has resprted to simply finding a sock in the same general shape as another and linking them together for my future use. Socks are a far greater danger, Dori than even national security.

Corgrats on the win. Still have the tomato in your pocket? Ewwww.

Dori, I knew it! Pull another bed alongside and let me join you. My son, Matt, asked me the other day where all these missing socks go. I said, quite seriously, that they are sucked into a black hole. He wasn't sure if I was kidding for a while there. Thanks for a wonderful laugh dear friend. You were a refreshing and delightful winner. Hmmm... a breath of fresh air in fact. Love, Deb
Wow! Great fun, wonderful descriptions...loved it! Congratulations. So glad you're back! :)
Hahahaha! That was hilarious and so well written. Congratulations on the win.
Okay, I admit it - I laughed til I cried! I had just left the kitchen where I was trying to explain to my middle son exactly why I am so busy... I have never seen it explained so well!