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I loved how you weaved in images from the past as she read her poem--I could see it play out like a movie in my head ^_^ Excellent, heart-stirring piece!
Very moving piece. The descriptions, especially in the beginning, were spell-binding. The back and forth images require a slow read, but very worth it!
You did an excellent job with this very sad story. I'm glad her mother finally said she loved her.
Very sad! I felt a lot of emotions while I read this and gained knowledge about the characters. I felt disappointment in the mother, and deep sympathy and sadness for the main character. It has a hollow, kind of hopeless feel when I'm reading the flashbacks of her life. The glimmer of happiness when she goes to Heaven gives way to another round of sympathy that her Mom never seemed to understand or appreciate her gift. Great writing!
Wow! An amazing piece of writing. You wove emotion throughout the story.
Wonderfully executed. You made the mother seem cold, until the very end, and the daughter true to herself. Kudos for this piece.
Nice job of characterization, use of present tense, and invoking the sad feelings. Well done!
Wow, very good. You capture the emotions of the reading and her memories perfectly. I sympathized with the girl in pursing her dreams, was happy her mother was there for her at the end.
Simply amazing .......
Wowza. This caught my heart and brought tears to my eyes. Very moving and written well, loved the dialigue and how time passed in between the reading of the poem and the end was a heart tugger. How sad! Well done!
Wow...very sad...but very well written.
As always, I very much enjoy your writing.

You nailed the topic. What a moving story, and so well written. Great job.
I liked the pace you gave this writing, it showed the MC's powerful struggles within herself and with her mother. It has been said that great suffering brings forth great art...your MC shows this to be true.
Amazingly powerful and poignant and..well..sad ;) This is absolutely masterfully crafted.