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I had to read this twice to find out about the dress; but I'm stymied. There were a few weeks, it was a man who left, but it was his dress. Perhaps I'm missing something...otherwise I thought it a great story up until the "dress" confused me. Written well, and sad ending.
I could feel how her exultation turned to sadness when she found out his plane had gone down. I could feel her sadness all the way through as she told her story.
Very sad account here. A feeling of loss.
If this a true account my heart goes oput for you and God bless you. If this is nonfiction you have nailed the emotions perfectly. Well done! Was my understanding correct, the dress was one that she wore when she was with the person who went down in the plane, one that she would keep as a memoir of him?
I just wish that with each sad entry there would be a box of kleenex that would pop out of the computer to each of us as I am wiping my eyes and sobbing alot on many of these entries.:0( :0)Keep up the great writing.