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What a poignant story. You covered embarrassed, but so much more. Well done.
I like your story very much! You described the contrast between the two sisters well, and you also pulled them together with a great ending, too. Nice writing!
This is a good, sweet portrait and reminder that we all have our own gifts, regardless of what we look like.

And this line is hilarious - "Some sheriff somewhere got arrested for something!" Perfect!
Well-done. I was totally engaged from beginning to end.
Excellent storytelling, and so tender and poignant. Great stuff.
I loved this. The conversation was very interesting, and flowed nicely. And the irony of which sister was embarrassing which is wonderful. Great job with the topic.
This is great. I loved the ending and the irony of the sister's comment. Good job. Great writing.
Oh, very good! You're one of the writers here that I really enjoy reading, and this piece has so many layers and so much heart. Wonderful.
I loved this story, all of it: the descriptions, the lesson learned, the message, the tenderness.
This is so heartfelt. I see what they struggle through, yet they make it and survive. Wonderful. The embarassing 'comment' by Sarah was cute at the end with the realistic description of mascara running down her twin's face. Good job.
Great, heart-warming story. We are blessed by caring for those unable to care for themselves, regardless of the "embarrssments" they might unwittinly cause from time to time.
Super story, and a lesson we all need to learn — God choses not the wise, not the strong etc.
Wow! That's all I can say. This story was beautiful - perfect, in fact.

I'm not "embarrassed" at all to say I live in the same state as you! ; ) However, I am a little "embarrassed" that I'm moving up to your advanced level. That doesn't seem right somehow ...

Anyway, thank you for sharing your wonderful gift!

Congratulations Elizabeth! This story is wonderful and I couldn't be more happy for you. Just one more EC and you'll be in Masters...:) Love and blessings, Teri
Congratulations on a wonderful, heart-warming story. If is one to be saved and shared. Blessings, Angel
Congratulations on your EC -- very much deserved. I loved your story.