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I squirmed right along with him. This was a well told story, and good lesson.
I liked this a lot--suspected that Dan would have had a change of heart, and you handled it very well.

If "Shovanist" was his last name, ignore this comment...but if it's a description of him, it should have been spelled "Chauvinist".

There are lots of us who would not care to be face-to-face with the people from our pasts--I'm so glad you gave your main character a graceful and forgiving nature. Very nice.
A good story with a good moral at the end: it's always best to forgive.
This is a good story. It is very well told. Good dialogue. Great!
Very good story. I wondered about the name myself, but put it down to a play on words. I was looking for her to offer to help him at the end, but it works the way you did it here. Nicely done.
Very well written.This modern day piece speaks volumes to the hurting heart and helps it to see that in Christ, all things are made brand new, even the "Dans" in our lives. Praise the Lord. It was good to see that she let go of her hurts to forgive and move on.Good job.