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Only a true "master" could write such a beautiful story with "embarrassmenta the topic." This is a wonderful Bible story, retold from a different perspective.
How I love this story! Your writing brought out layers of truth I'd never thought about before. I sometimes think of a Bible story as just a story, but I forget that it is about REAL people with REAL feelings, just like me. Wonderful!
This absolutely gave me goosebumps. Your descriptions are so vivid and masterful - this whole piece is masterful. Just love this.
I, too, had never thought about this possibility in interpreting what Jesus meant by his words. I was left wishing for more information, more story — drat that word limit! This is great.
This is a wonderfully written adaption of the biblical story. Great job!
I liked the very strong contrasts you made between the simple innocence of the woman and the rest of the crowds. I think for me that some of the description of the young woman was a little clichéd at times. It did not take away from the story though.
So moving, and so beautifully written, as only you could do it. You made this story come alive. Very well done.
Beautifully written. You are a master! God bless you.
Absolutely artful! Such smooth graceful lines. Moving story, great character, superb reader involvement. A+. God bless.
Time and space were suspended as I read and gained a new insight into this story and its message of ancient times. Interesting how a shift of POV can do so much.
Beautiful, just beautiful!
A beautiful piece, written from a great POV. It's so hard to write Biblical fiction without anachronisms of speech, but still readable and gripping--and you've done it. Nice!
A beautiful fictional story in biblical times, and an enjoyable read. Since this is Masters...I can point out an itsy, bitsy error, right? The last sentence. "His" should be capitalized, right?
Extremely well written, as Masters do, captivating and creative, as Masters do; Great Masters usually do; I loved it.
I always enjoy stories examining biblical characters and the events surrounding them, and you did an excellent job with this! :)