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As a parent of four basically grown children, I could well relate to your memories of your siblings. I often hear my kids talking about "this time" or "that time." "Do you remember when..."

I sometimes cringe when they say, "Oh, yeah, and do you remember when Mom..." You see, they are able to remember all the most embarrassing moments of motherhood that I've managed to "delete" from my own "files."

And I love your message about families. They are designed by God to be priceless gifts, and my heart is sad for those who have not had that kind of experience with their own families. Praise Him that He places us into His own family when we become His own. For some, that is the only way they will ever experience family as He intended it to be.

Blessings, Cheri
Oh, such memories! Poor Mary; I bet she'll never live that story down! This collection of family tales is heart-warming, humorous, and well written!
I LOVE the scripture, and the wonderful telling of the embarrassing moments in your family. We've all got them! RIGHT on topic, of course.
Such cute, "everyday life," embarrassing stories! We can all relate to these! :) I enjoyed reading your sibling memories and thank you for sharing them! Good job!
Nice entry, cute and relatable. I enjoyed the read. God bless.
You are reminding me of things my sisters did to embarrass me. This is well constructed. Thanks for sharing your anecdotes.
What sweet, tender moments with siblings. I know my kids embarrass each other all the time. I hope they will one day look back with fondness and laughter at those moments. Your story is told with grace and tenderness. Very nice.
What a wonderful collection! Siblings always know the juiciest tidbits! lol.
What fun and humorous memories. I could see each one unfold, and each perfectly reflected the age and stage of the sibling!
All our brothers and sisters keep us humble. I enjoyed the gllimpse of the love and warmth demonstrated in your family - embarrassments and all!
I love these embarrassing moments you've shared. It was a joy to read and realize how important family life is.
I love family stories & the last paragraph is perfect. What a blessing to have siblings.
It seems that those of us with siblings ALL have these moments to remember. Great title. Endearing, humorous, and embarrassing stories well told. Thanks for sharing.
Oooo, this takes me back...I have two brothers...and the moments are there, believe me! Love the honest voice and tone of this. Great job!
I enjoyed going down memory lane with you and your sibs. A great read.
What makes these moments to remember even more valuable is when they come with pictures! My brother, now 61, dies when I show the picture of him, all dressed in white, gently kissing his female cousin, also dressed in white — it looks just like it was staged — so cute, but he doesn't think so! Great story.
I like this, especially the end, where you shared how close knit your family is today.

When I was a teen I would read romance novels that were less than savory and hide them under my mattress too. My younger brothers didn't know, but my mom sure did when my attitude would be nasty!

Thanks for sharing this, I enjoyed reading it.