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Thanks for sharing, and putting a smile in my day!

I have my own file of unexpected moments while speaking.
When I was a child, my pastor said, "Jonah in the whaley of the bale" during his sermon. :) Needless to say, he lost his point while the congregation burst out laughing. Kinda hard to get the "mood" back after these kinds of slip ups!
I know how you felt. I remember my mind going blank before a small audience. Talk about embarrassment!
Thanks for sharing your embarrashing moment. I once heard a youth director preach an intire sermon on the trouble of having neek wees [weak knees]. He never pronouced it right even 1 time.
Humor is always helpful to make a point. Cute story.
Cute. A lil short, but to the point. Nice job. God bless.
Speakers nightmare. The only thing you can do is pretend it was planned! Cute illustration.
Maybe preachers and conference speakers should steer clear of fishy stories. Our pastor also had a slip of the lip once and called it a whale of a belly. After services I pronounced the whale of the belly found. (I won't say where!!) Liked your article. :)