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Wow, I didn't expect the ending.How sad for both of them. This is really good, thank you so much for sharing it. Janice+-
Wow, this is so tragic, but a (pardon the pun) sobering reminder to us all to make the most of the time we have with others. Great job in telling a difficult story.
What a different take on the happy topic. Very sad and not uncommon. The toll of alcoholism is not just on the abuser. You told the story well.
Wow - definitely wasn't expecting the ending. Excellent job of showing the toll this can take on those around the abuser - and on the mindset of the abuser himself.
All I can say is,.... WOW! Great work!
Painful...graphic...real. Procrastination is always costly. What an irony too - the man went 'happy' into an eternity without Christ.
The pain in this story is not fiction. It is so real and sad. People throw their lives away not realizing how many around them they hurt doing it. This story is grounded in sad truth. Loved it is not the word but identified closely with it big time. Thanks for writing it.
Yes. A powerfully written account of a extremely difficult point in life. Much respect for your capacity.
I enjoy best stories like this one that take me on a journey, either to an actual place or perhaps just a journey into human character.

Also I found the implied here to be cleverly crafted: in spite of his dry banter I knew JJ really cared else why go to the trouble to drag his step-father out of one bar after another?

Always the optimist I prefer to look on the possible and hope the foolish and doomed man saw Christ in his step-son's actions and repented in his heart before it was too late.