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What a comforting, homey picture you paint. This story is just my cup of tea, or in this case, my oatmeal cookie. Wonderful!
Absolutely PERFECT title for this piece. I truly felt like I was looking at a very detailed, masterfully crafted portrait. You certainly have a way with detail. Marvelous.
I love the wonderful imagery of this piece--just a perfect portrait of childhood.
I was so involved in the characters and the story, I thought I could reach out and pick up a delicious cookie myself! Such a loving picture of a simple, family moment. Great writing!
You have certainly managed to heighten all of my senses with this piece. I enjoyed all the glimpses of warmth and security in this rural family setting. Masterful!
Yes, I too, responded to your story as all the others have done. And, for me, it was excellent in that it seemed to tread dangerously near overly emotional depictions and that horror of horrors, sentimentality. Yet, it was quite safe from both in your capable hands.
A true and beautiful account of a loving, harmonious and happy family. I loved it.
Family life depicted in such a happy atmosphere is a rarity anymore and so needed and refreshing to give hope to those who have had few happy memories... A true joy to read!
You created such a real place, my world faded away, and I was sitting on the porch, watching the fire.
The atmosphere of this piece brought happiness to me as it reminded me so much of former times back home when my grandparents were still with us and we lived very much the scene you painted here.
Nice portrait! This makes me want to call my grandmother. The story is good and especially the tale of the cookies. Good job. ^_^
This is so beautiful. What a serene picture you paint. You involved all of my emotions -- including tasting those cookies. Very well written. Excellent job.
What a beautiful portrait. I am blessed with a wonderful family and have a few memories where I think I felt like your MC. You story is so pleasant and peaceful. I enjoyed seeing this ordinary moment through a child's eyes.
Maxx, you've done 'Happy' such justice. As I grow older, I give God praise for 'ordinary days.' After the storms we've all encountered in our lives, those restful 'ordinary days' are appreciated. You have described one such day, and, as I grow older, I appreciate so much those times, those regular days, spent with my parents and grandparents. You've captured it all with such vividness. I had to study this over several times so that I could learn such imagery. You took the word limit and described such a short happening, exquisitely. I always run out of words, but your focus is sharp, clear and defined. I run off like some racehorse, but you take off at a canter. It's so relaxing and suitable to this piece. Thank you for helping me to grow from this marvelous story.
Congratulations, Maxx! This is a beautiful story!
Congratulations. I loved this story and am so glad to see it placed. Very much deserved.
Exquisite. Every line is rich with detail and emotion.
Knowing who wrote this, I kept waiting for a twist. It never came and this was simply a lovely, happy story. I've spent many similar childhood days. Good job!
I never got to read this one until now. Absolute perfection.