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What beautiful imagery you have here. Very nice.
Thanks for these wonderful words that washed over my soul, reminding me of our Father's love. Great devotional!
Such lovely expressions of true happiness... thank you
This is lovely. Almost poetic. A good reminder, not only of what happiness is, but what it is not. Very nice!
"Too often I’ve languished in the desert and prayed for rain to fall, when all the time I waited an oasis stood before my unseeing eyes—" As soon as I read this line I thought of Hagar. Until she came to the end of herself and all her resources, she was unable to see the well that had been there all the time. And God didn't open her eyes until she came to the end of herself. Thought-provoking work.
I enjoyed your entry. I especially like this line:

"It is not the calming of the storms, but in the midst of turmoil finding peace in Father’s arms;"

There is so much truth in that one line. Great Job!
Some excellent truths about happiness to ponder in this short, but very to the point article. Good job!
I liked you excellent use of simile and metaphor. Your last line was my favorite, "The joy of every step we take..."
Enjoyed this brief, but excellent search for happiness. It sometimes seems so elusvie, when, in reality, it's much closer than we think. We're just looking in the wrong direction. Reminded me of a classic book,"Acres of Diamonds."
Love the imagery of this - and all the "pearls" throughout. Every line is one to remember.
How true it is that many a times we miss what is right in front of us because we are looking for "it" in the wrong place. Well done.
Great imagery and wisdom in your entry. I especially like the flow of the words and how nice it is to read. It's full of little nuggets of truth.
Great job! I loved the truth of each line. And I did enjoy your foray into prose-poetry territory. I'm all for new stuff!
You have some great lines here, much to consider. I would liked to have seen them pushed even further for deeper are certainly showing the talent and heart for it!
Short and truly sweet! I think we all hit the jackpot with this one. My only note...I think you were missing a few commas in between. Otherwise, excellent job, I liked the line with the stars best of all. ^_^
This is beautiful. It gave me goosebumps. Written so well -- straight to the heart of the matter. Excellent writing.
Yeah! I would class this as poetry. Good poetry. You have a unique style. I liked the almost prophetic wisdom in there as well.
Good wisdom in your story. We often chase after the unnecessary when seeking to fulfil our desires.
I always look forward to reading your poetic entries! You've submitted yet another example of gorgeous use of language.
Dang, dude! Simply put, and oh, so true... I took this to heart in my own life. Thanks, Ben!