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Simple, powerful, lovely!
Wow ... this IS lovely. I love the flow of confidence throughout ... this is really, really, beautiful.

It really is.
Wow! Lovely and flowing and just...wonderful. How creative and encouraging your poem is. Your writing is beautiful.
The word pictures are very good. I can almost hear this sung as a hymn.
Well, poetry is not my strong suit, but I have to say I really liked this. There are a couple stanzas where I stumble in the rhythym a bit, but that doesn't detract from the experience over all. It's beautiful.
This is like a well-woven tapestry and a touching prayer that I can see, with just a bit of editing for rhythm, made into a hymn. Such a sweet spirit comes through your words.
I like the repetition in each of the first two stanzas and what a lovely idea to do a poem with each of the fruits of the spirit. Charming!
A prayer--a praise--a lovely poem.
Lovely thoughts. This could be sung to the tune of "He Leadeth Me". :)
Absolutely beautiful. This brought a peace to my heart as I read it. You truly soothed my soul. Thank you.
This is such a beautiful poem. I really like how you used the fruits of the Spirit from Galatians 5:22-23 as your outline. This was a blessing!
Great job, Chrissy... This is a wonderful poem. I like how you tied together all the fruit of the Spirit.
My only thought was that I would like to see more imagery in this poem, but it looks like from all the positive comments you got that you don't need to... :-)
I think you've got a shot at placing somewhere with this one!
Simply beautiful! This gave me goosebumps. The tone, the free verse, the imagery-all excellent. I liked the theme of spiritual fruits and I loved the little 'pictures' for each of them. Way to write, Chrissy! ^_^

This sounds like straight from the heart. It touched mine! Excellent writing.
The fruits of the spirit in free verse. How creative and how powerful and now more easily remembered.
Great work!
This was beautiful. I loved how you 'used' the fruits of the spirit. Truly a praise and a prayer.
This is beautiful!
How absolutely beautiful!
Well written, simple, and to the point, a wonderful message in verse. The bolded words might not have been necessary, understatement is the most powerful tool of a poet.
Encouraging words.
Loved the line righteous fruit... Made me stop and reflect. Also loved the "Fruits" in bold font. Very Impressive!
Amazing way to have a fresh look at the fruit of the Spirit. Superb!
Great poetic piece. This was a great work!
Beautiful Chrissy! Love it! Imagery and description great! This was neat to see a poem from you as I have enjoyed yur stories and now I enjoyed your poem just as much. Thank you for entering this lovely piece, it really is an inspiration. Janice+-
I've seen how the "Love" theme can relate to all the 9 fruits, but this is an excellent lesson on how "confidence" relates to them. I hadn't seen that before.

Traditional poetry (the school I was brought up in) may say "Where's the rhyme?" or "Tighten the meter a bit!"
But if it comes across poetically, it's good poetry to me. Well done.
I know nothing about poetry, but I really enjoyed this. I love that our strength and confidence comes from God, and it's reassuring to know that God blesses our little faith. Great read - powerful and true. Thanks!