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Love the interaction between the mom and the daughter. Great lesson too - engagingly told!
What a delightful story of regained confidence! The mother/daughter dialog is perfect and the descriptions, beautiful. I enjoyed the story from title to end.
Excellent story, and the part about the eagle, cougar and the deer, kept me on the edge of my seat. A job well done.
The way you reflect the doe's struggle with the main character's struggle to start over is an example of good writing! I like the message in this story, too.
You did some awesome character development in your dialogue between mother and daughter. In few words you had them living and breathing especially because of the mom's subtle humor. Also the parallel you drew between the deer and the mother in their circumstance was great... and the descriptive phrases of nature were superb. The whole thing was really good!
Your title intrigued me and the story did not disappoint. Your writing is impressive.
The part with the deer was very suspenseful. The dialogue at the end was my favorite.
A "confident" contender indeed!
Very good. Life has it's troubles, but with God's help we CAN move on into his blessings.
Good dialogue, the interaction was realistic and the trials and troubles story worked well.
Excellent job. My only critique is that I'm not a big fan of starting a story with dialogue, especially untagged, but once I got on track, I really, really enjoyed the story. Very good work. God bless.
Some (well most) of my favorite stories are those that take nature and the elements of nature and use them as analogies for life. It is all so basic and true and if we but stop, listen and discern - we can be taught so much.
Your story is engaging and suspenful and held my interest leaving me able to hear a valuable lesson.
The characters ... wow! The voices ... perfect! This is very well done. Congrats on an excellent job.
Yea! Buddy, you've still got it--highly commended, indeed!
***Congratulations, Mid!*** I love this story, especially the interaction between the Mom and daughter. Made me smile. Great writing!