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Ha! The most confident women in the world are the ones over forty who are still willing to wear a swimsuit. Hey, 50 is my magic year! At 40 I still said, "Huh?!", at 50 I simply shrug and smile...:) Loved your article! (Especially the advice to the 20's girls).
Great message that those of us over forty can relate to very well. Good work.
Super voice, fun to read and with subtle, wry humor.
Fun voice, and delightful (by the way, I turn 40 in a few weeks - thanks for the tips!) :D
Thank goodness capris are in. I quit shorts a few year ago and I am only 38. What you say here is so true. I am so much more relaxed then I was 10 years ago. I hate the crowsfeet, but I like myself more. Thanks for sharing this. Great job.
You just made me grateful I've celebrated 66 birthdays. My dad still thinks I'm a kid. My kids think I'm old and my grandchildren are positive I'm a geezer. Thank you for the reverse psychology lesson, it's a great boost to my self image. I hope you don't mind a little advice from an ancient person concerning this fine story. Contractions would make your story even more readable. Good job definately a fun read.