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I liked this! Nice, fast pace with just enough breaks...good takeaway and good show of emotions. Nice work!
I absolutely love the line about the gossamer veil with the side effects of goosebumps. I think you gave a great glimpse of that "glamorous" life. Great work!
What a wonderful entry - great idea having a fashion model for the MC. I love the opening and the line - "perfect on the outside, heavy on the inside." Fabulous job! Blessings, Teri
I love that ending. Great job on creativity as well!
The "Am I fake?" paragraph is too funny! This is unusual and humorous with a great ending.
I had no idea where this was going, but you kept baiting me with all the humorous, cycnical remarks. I'm certain that this would speak to many young women. It is well-written, fast paced, and fresh.
Wonderful voice! So fresh and unique, as is your approach to this topic. Super!

The only thing that I questioned was a supermodel at 5' 2", which is very short for a model. Most are closer to 5' 10" or so.

This is one of my favorites so far--really well done.

The voice of this is PERFECT. This is just wonderful in every way. What truth - and with such a punch. Excellent.
I love this!! The voice is perfect and you projected her attitude and outlook on life so well! Great job. The ending was the best--Beyond great! I wanted to cheer for her. Wahoo! :D
Very good job. I liked it a lot and I hope you place!
"I feel His presence settle over me like a golden, gossamer veil with the side effect of goosebumps." -- MY FAVORITE LINE!!!!

You've captured the true essence of confidence and beauty here, and exposed the world's lie. Beauty, true beauty, emanates from the inside out, fueled by the Holy Spirit.

Awesome job! Blessings, Cheri
I remember reading once that when a famous model died she said that she felt her life boiled down to only one thing, "I am but a coat hanger." Your article points out we are much more than our clothes, looks or vocations. Great job!
There are so many facets to this story. It's one of my favorites this week. Excellent writing.
What a original idea for a story. Very nice. I enjoyed it and loved seeing the "model world". I do agree with one of the other comments that models are usually much taller. However, print models may sometimes be shorter I think.
Sometimes just skipping around, I miss an excellent story--like this one. There were so many descriptions and phrases I liked, for example "the empty canvas of her face" and "God confidence." This was right-on for the topic, with a right-on message.
Beautifully written, and with a wonderful message.

The only thing I questioned as I read it was a 5'2" model. My sister is a model, she is 5'6" and that isn't tall enough according to alot of the agencies she tries to work with.

Other than that minor point, your entry was simply awsome.
Yes, confidence comes from the Lord. We're lost without his support.
Wow, quite the glimpse into the world of modeling. Intriguing and interesting. You made me care about the characters. Good writing.
I loved the "miniaturized surfboards" description ... and the ending!

A really good voice all the way through - felt the change of attitude once she started taliking to her Heavenly Father - really VERY good!