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A moving character study of your sister...what wonderful timing God has!

An extra space between paragraphs would make this easier on the eyes. And perhaps names for your sister and brother? You could give them made-up names if you want them to remain anonymous.

I ached for your sister and her fears, and rejoiced when you led her to victory.
A very moving tribute to your love for your sister, and your confidence in God. I wanted to know more about her conversion story, but I really enjoyed reading this. Thanks!
How true. We have confidence that we'll see our loved ones in heaven. I agree with Jan about the paragraphs. Apart from that, you have written a pretty good piece.
What a lovely testimony! I would love to hear more about you and your sister. You seemed to repeat yourself a bit more than needed here, but this was charming.
You wrote a wonderful tribute to your sister, and someday, in heaven, you'll be able to tell her all about it! What joy to know that when her mind is restored then, you'll have endless days to share, laugh, love, and worship together!
You can tell this was written from a heart of love. Thanks for sharing.
Very sweet. I hope my girls are this close one day.
Leave it to me, the Simon Cowell of the Writers Critique Group, to put a damper on a lovely story. The lack of paragraphing made it a difficult read for good eyes, much less for old eyes like mine. Thanks, however, for understanding. God Bless.