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Your story has a relevant topic for teens and a believable main character, also. I think teens would relate well to your story.
Well done. The thoughts, feelings and struggles were insightful — and a topic that touches so many lives.
Excellent job with the characterization and voice. I was holding my breath for this poor girl. Wonderful.
Great title, masterful look into your MC's personality. I wondered if you might write on this topic, and I'm glad you did.
Your story works very well as an explanation, as well as a warning. Good job.
Excellent story, excellent writing. Excellent resource listed in author's notes.
Hmmm. This took a twist I wasn't looking for. And you touched a topic many teen girls are faced and struggling with. Kudos to you for writing on it. I could connect with this-you did a good job.
This is a very relevant topic. I work with 7th graders and they all know of someone dealing with anorexia/bulimia. Thanks for your no-nonsense story.
Wow! This is powerful. I feel I better understand eating disorders now.
Wow, very powerful. There were a few missing commas, but otherwise well-written.
This is so well done and has so much truth to it is frightening and sad as so many girls and women fall into this trap and end up hurting themselves or even causing permanent damage. Very on the money with description and emotion. I wanted to hug the main character and just listen. Agan great job!Janice
This is very moving. I've never had any experience with this personally, but you've got me curious. I'm going to check out the website "just because."
Congratulations on a well-deserved first place win.
Great job, Pat. Excellent message. I love the way you brought Alisa's struggle to life.
Your story touched me deeply. Thank you.
Great story. I admit this is a topic I am not up on so I have one question. What was the piece a paper? Was it a business card or where she jotted down a web address? And what was the significance of the candles?

I love your descriptive ability. I am struggling in that area. I could picture everything as I read.
I guess I more accurately had two questions. LOL
WOW!!!! FIRST PLACE in Masters and FIRST PLACE in the EC!!!! This is really your day!!!!!! :D CONGRATULATIONS on an excellent story that deserves the accolades!
Congrats, my dear friend. This was AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!
Great story. You did a great job getting us into your MC's head. :) Sis
Loks like we both have the same mental age...hehe. This was great.
Congratulations! You did such a wonderful job on this, Pat. And you know that this piece will always be near and dear to my heart. :)
wow, Pat ... I somehow missed this one! Great job and Congrats on # 1!