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I really like this -- it would make a great longer story.

I think you have another allegory besides God being ignored by us. As I was reading about Mindy's frustration with being ignored, I likened it to parents with their teenagers. In a longer version, Mindy could not only realize her mistake with ignoring God, but with her parents as well.

Good job. Can you expand it? :)
I do horse rescue and this horse's behavior rings really true to life. I've never heard of the heroin thing, though: does that really happen? Every track does drug tests so it would be pretty stupid for someone to try it...'course, there are a lot of stupid people out there. I enjoyed this story a great deal.

As an owner of horses, this story rings true about the bond of trust that must be takes time, patience, consistency. But the rewards are hard to describe. I remember the first time my horse came running up to me as I was walking out in our pasture...I couldn't have been more proud or more humbled; or as in your story shows, had a more gladdened heart. Great job!
Lovely story. Lots of depth and thought provoking.
Wonderful story with a great message for teens and adults!
Just FYI - you are in advanced because you are a WONDERFUL writer. :D

That said, this was great - you did a wonderful job of weaving the lesson in, and of developing the relationships, especially between Cassidy and the horse. Excellent.
As I was reading your story, I found myself wanting the girl to change direction and the horse to bond with her. This is a good read.
Oh......soooooo good! Very good for teens. I want to hear more, but you crammed a lot into these few words.
Love the opening sentence. And the one after it too. lol. This was great, I can definitely see it being expanded on. I liked the character of the horse and especially at the end. It just sort of fits. I also like Mindy's story. She's been through a lot and it looks like maybe she'll make it through all right. Good job with this.
***Congrats on your highly commended!***