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This was very sweet and enjoyble to read. The descriptions and little details made the story. Great job!
Flowed well, natural dialogue. Good story.
Sweet and lovely. The homecoming date seemed to come on awfully quickly, but I'm sure that was a word count thing (LOL or my niavete!). I would have loved this as a teen!
Sweet story! Teen girls love romance.

Something about the timing of the events seemed a bit "off", and if this had been for adults, I'd have thought it was too neatly resolved, but teens love resolution, so you "done good."

It's so hard to go to a new school! You really tapped perfectly into what that anxiety feels like.
This is a good, believable teen romance. I believe girls especially would really enjoy this story.
Good story. I really liked how Marcy gave up her own desires in the story, for the sake of what she saw was best...
Took me back to my high school days and all the angst about asking someone new out, starting relationships, etc. I enjoyed the characters and the story you wove for them.
It looks like this is only the beginning for the two of them.
What a sweet teen romance. These are so popular and more are needed that are written from a Christian perspective. I wish you had a larger word count. It was a long time to span to fit into 750 words, but you did a good job!
Let me say awwww.... This was a beautiful piece to read. Very well written--what errors-I only saw one! Keep on writing this was nice.
Hmmm, I liked this. Kinda sweet/romancy like. lol. It's nice. But Lindsay-I can't really say I connected with her, she seemed kind of superficial. David was okay and Marcy, she seemed a little more mature when she finally called up Lindsay to talk. Otherwise, not too bad. ^_^
"And this was only the beginning." Indeed.
You should write more and let us know how things are progressing with the two of them. Very sweet and well written.