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Great job meeting the challenge with this one; I like it!
How awesome! Spot on, I must say. My favorite stanza:

I hate to have to clean my room;
I think that’s sissy work.
I never met a household chore
I didn’t want to shirk.

Fit the genre/topic wonderfully. Keep up the great work!
You certainly captivated the characteristics of a teen!
It wasn't perfect meter, but was still enjoyable to read.
I think a teen would agree!
Good job.
I love to own clothes that are “in,”
To wear my shirt tail out.
I like the way my flip flops feel
When I walk all about. -- I love this stanza. It says it all.

And this one brought tears to my eyes: Treat me with patience and with love
Because you’ll never know
How much you’ve blessed me with your life
Or caused my faith to grow.

We are on our fourth teen to raise, and this has proven so true in our lives over the years. You think they have absolutely no use for you as parents, but the truth eventually comes out.

Not only does this poem capture the "teen" perfectly, but it is an encouragement to parents too. Thanks, Cheri
Your poem captures how teens think and feel. They're strong and fragile at the same time. Enjoyable reading.
Love this - you have totally captured a teen. My favorite stanza is the same as Kaylee's. Great stuff!
This works well for teens, and also for those who are struggling to understand teens.

The meter tripped in a few spots, so I'd encourage a minor tweaking if you do anything else with this delightful poem.

This would be good for a cross-generational workshop of some sort, with a companion piece about what older folks do, and need, and feel.
You did a great job capturing the characteristics of a teen, I really enjoyed your poem. Great Job!
This is a wonderful poem for teens! Great, great job.
The funny thing is, is that I can still identify with some of these feelings!
Great job putting these emotions in a teen-age friendly poem.
Very true to what is going on in the heads of our teenagers--I like the win at eveything part--it is so true in todays society. Great writing.
You certainly described my 16 yr old. Good job. I'm not much of a poetry person, but I found this an enjoyable read that brought a smile to my face and a tear to my eye at the end. Wonderful. Thanks.
This is great. I really hope this does well. It sums up everything about being a TEEN. A real teen. Amazing writing, this is definitely a "gem" for this week. There were one or two awkward ryhmes, but read them back aloud and then 'tweak' it here and there. It should do good. This is just amazing!
Nice job of relating to teens. I did stumble a little with the meter in a place or two, but it didn't detract from this very entertaining and true piece. I love the ending. It's perfect.