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A good blend of "heart-warming homeliness" and pathos. Most enjoyable reading. Makes me want to go on one of those gypsy caravan holidays.
Seems authentic; I could see and hear it all. The foreshadowed accident and the ending came a little too close together for me though. -- Word count issue I'm sure. Good job!
A unique story. I enjoyed reading it.
This part of the story is good. I'd like a little before and after on the boys life. I guess that's what makes it good, for we only get a "taste" in the challenges.
Amazing job, especially with the atmosphere. Your ending is perfect.
Your imagination never ceases to amaze me. Loved the authentic dialog, the tnetative relationship between the two protagonists, the sense of time and place.

When life is grand, it must not be clasped too tightly...

Awesome sentence!
The details created a real picture of a tinker's life. Excellently done.
Awesome ... I was there and heard every clatter and tingle.
I loved these lines: "Life was grand.

When life is grand, it must not be clasped too tightly, lest the soul be torn apart when the inescapable comes."

Not knowing the age of the children you might be thinking of here, I'm not sure I have any business saying this, but though I understand what you are alluding to here, I am not sure a child would.

Also, (and I may be nitpicking here), the piece ended with "Life is grand" and I got the idea that the boy had forgotten the lesson that the death of the tinker should have taught him. Perhaps it was the abruptness of the ending (word count, I'm sure!). So I was left waiting for more, and wanting more detail at the end.

Having said all that, I enjoyed the story.
For me, the best songs and stories have that one-liner of truth that everyone understands. "When life is grand, it must not be clasped too tightly, lest the soul be torn apart when the inescapable comes." Perfect.
Extremely well written and liked the story. Had to look up "Tinker" though. Now I'm, educated and entertained. God bless.
Wow. This is so neat. The tone, set way back as if you're right there, ambling along with the old horse and riding in the wagon with the two of them. The ending was sort of sad, but you picked it right up and kept going. The last line was great. Excellent Master-to-apprentice rite of passage. ^_^
I enjoyed this adventure along the road and into the lives of these people. Surely, life goes on, and that is the way it should be. Great story mixed with a great lesson.
Certainly kept me reading through this one! I loved it. Except that I was devastated when the tinker died, and that was just about at the end... I had no time to recover my equilibrium. As others said, I'm sure that was a word count issue. And I really did love your story. :)
Great story. I love how there is a whole other story that could have been told near the end after the tinker died but that was left to the reader.One can ascertain that the child grew to a man, enjoyed his life's work and learned many valuable lessons from living. Well done!