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The greatest adventure of all, indeed! Thanks for sharing this wonderful, heartwarming story, I can so relate.
Great message!
What an absolutely beautiful testimony, and written wonderfully! I'm glad to find this gem. I recognize a fellow reader who, like me, loved to read and to live vicariously through the characters in the book. Boy, did the limberlost strike a chord! I loved that book. Since we both have a lifetime of loving God and loving to read (and write?), we must be sisters of the heart!
Excellent essay! My greatest adventures happened as I turned the pages of whatever book caught my attention in the library or my mother's bookcase. I always had to read the book before I saw the movie. Super job, Edy
Sweet and wonderful, and what a message. I can tell this is God-breathed. Excellent.
Beautifully written and has a lot that I can identify with. Thanks for the sharing. God bless as you continue on the adventure with He has prepared for you.
You go, Edy! It's hard to type with this deep ocean of words you threw at me. Well done, sister!

Reading has been an adventure for me as well, since I was a kid. Funny how that never leaves you, but does get transformed to writing our own. How blessed are we?