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I'd like to read the rest! Compelling beginning.
This is a good beginning to a awesome story I'm sure. Just would like to hear the rest of it. This portion was interestingly and well written.
"with a river screaming liquid suicide" this adventure is filled with imagery and action words that show the story, not tell it, I love that! The ending threw me a bit, but I suspect because I tend to live with my feet firmly on the ground and was expecting the story to move a different direction. Really strong writing, and adventurous? I'm breathless!
Excellent description. I felt like I was right there.
This was truly the beginning of an amazing adventure! I wish you could have gone on and told us what happened after that! Very creative story with some interesting symbolism at the end! Good job! :)
I love it! That ending is excellent! This is at the top of my favorites for the week... :-)
What an imagination! I enjoyed the story very much--wanted to know more!
As the title states, this is the beginning of an amazing adventure :-) You kept my attention and left me wanting to know more... Great Job!
Well... WHAT HAPPENED? I am full of questions, waiting to see the ending... Good job! Very suspenseful. Blessings, Cheri
How fun! I'd love to read more about them. :-)
I'm with the others - where is this adventure leading us?
And, of course, I want to tag along because it all sounds so intriguing! Great Job!
No fair! The adventure had just begun! I demand a recount! Okay - part two is coming right? You've got me hooked and I don't like fanasy.

A children's part two - right? ;)
Great! I'm so glad you're sticking to your strong gift for sci-fi with an adventure to thrill us!
One of my very favorites! Thanks for a great read!
I'm in a rush this morning, but had to read this first. Glad I did, great start to a day. I loved it and hope there is more to come.
God bless.
Darn that word limit! You hooked me in with your beautifully layered and imaginative imagery. A very visual and intriguing piece. yeggy