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Great atmosphere! I love being places where I have never been!

An adventure within an adventure - great take on the genre and well done too!

I really enjoyed this read!
I loved the descriptions of the rainforest. It sounds like a beautiful place and I wish I could visit it. I also would love to know more about John Wilson. I really enjoyed reading this.
You have a nice way with words - detailed and flowing. I could tell from the first sentence it would be interesting and it was. Only thing I noticed was theh word "quite" should be "quiet" and I bet you saw that as soon as you clicked send:) Very nice!
Very interesting, a wonderful story. Loved the "Accent" of the bushman and the whole setting. Excellent writing.
Very entertaining, and what a gentleman :) Having been to the indoor rain forest at the Cleveland Zoo really helped this come to life for me... :) Great details!
This is rich and thick with atmosphere...very nice.

I think you meant "sloping" instead of "slopping."

The John Wilson twist was intriguing, but I'm not entirely sure I "get it." Was he a ghost? A dream? Regardless, I thoroughly enjoyed this rainforest trek--it's the sort of story this armchair adventurer really can get into.
Excellent description and atmosphere. I was definitely transported.
Excellent description! I could almost see and hear it all. Liked the dialect.

Won't say anything about the typos.

I almost wish I could have been there, too. Sounds beautiful. The one additional thing I thought was how much time and effort would be involved in ascending the path again. Ugh!!
I can definitely relate to this. I've had some very realistic dreams, and I love this type of adventure! Nice job!
Creative adventure story; I liked this one!
Your lyrical descriptions are wonderful, and I love your story line.
I loved the accent! This was one adventure that I had me waiting for the last line. At first I thought it was some time travel thing...but then the ghost line was pretty plausible too...or dreaming...whichever. ^_^ A very fun and enjoyable read.
You sure are a great yarn spinner. I love the atmosphere you created, laced around the conversations. I'm always a bit leery of strange (especially jungle) places, wondering what might be waiting to bite or devour me, so I was ready for anything, except a dream! Good job, Friend!
Good job with description. I could feel the coolness under the forest canopy.
I really liked the ending,too. Well done.
This is great! I love your descriptions. The ending is wonderful. I thought more of time travel, than dreaming, though. LOL
This was such an enjoyable read! The descriptions were simply awesome; you made it so easy for the reader to place themselves at the scene.

There was also, to me, some palpable suspense leading up to the arrival of the bushman, and that was done very well. (I was kind of waiting for her to wig out when he mentioned the 1890s, lol)

Excellent job!
Sounds like an interesting adventure. I was right in the story. Good job.
Very fun. I felt like I was there!
You set the scene very well. Great descriptions and writing. I enjoyed the journey. God bless.
I really enjoyed this! The descriptions were excellent, and I was able to picture the whole story in my mind! I loved the part where she "met" the bushman! Good job! :)
I love this story. I was there with you! Very descriptive and imaginative.
This story held me captive - such good, descriptive writing placed me right there! Great job.
I was taken up immediatey into the story. I loved the atmosphere and can beleive the dream, as your MC was so emersed in the surroundings and the history! Great job.
Thanks for inviting me into a great adventure! Love it!
I could see you and your surroundings so clearly in this story as you courageously determined to get down that dangerous path. A most enjoyable read.