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This is a very lovely poem and very cleverly done. Nice job and, touching and very creative.
Awesome! I love how you did your poetry in an artistic pattern, appealing and dramatic to the eye and the words rhthymic and powerful!Love this! Keep it up! Great job! God bless your gift!Janice
Loved how it looked like teardrops. Especially enjoyed the ending......I AM... POWERFUL!
you win the creativity award! very clever!
I love the visual effect that supports your wonderful message. Very very well-done.
I LOVE the formatting - it truly enhances the reading experience. An' the poem ain't bad either... *applause*
The formatting and the message are captivating.
Wow! This adds new meaning to the expression "Word-painting". Must have taken a lot of work to get the line placings right. If this doesn't place, I'll be very surprised.
This is great. The layout very unique, but easy to navigate. Wonderful.
Nice layout here. Just like a gentle rain. Good job.
Smart. Very nice.
Beautiful poem in a very unique presentation. That must have taken you a very long time. Great job!
This is one of the most creative entries I've ever read! WOW!
WOW! This is spectacular!
Excellent poem, both in creative and inspirational quality. My heart was touched by this one!
Excellent poetry and a wonderful message uniquely presented!
I liked this one and the imagery. However, don't hate me for this--but I must be the only one who found it a bit difficult to read :-P I must just be overly traditional, lol. Anyway, that was the only critique I had, though I believe I may be the only one who thought that :-)
Great design, GREATER poem. God bless.
Good job; overall, I like the poem. Maybe it's just a family thing, but I'm not too crazy about the setup either. It's a good enough poem to stand on its own, and the extra pizazz was a bit distracting for me at first. Overall a good poem, though. :)
I love the poem behind the fabulous formatting design. Personally, I found the design fought with the beautiful message of poem and distracted me from enjoying it as much as I could have. Or maybe I needed to go slower. :) Your heart came through and touched me - I'm saving this to print and savor!
Nice message but the format did keep me from grasping the depth of the poetry. I'm too lazy to have to work at reading. :) But I do acknowledge the work you put into it. You set a difficult goal and worked it out. Good job!
Absolutely Wonderful in every way!!!
Beautifully written - Deb's gonna KILL you if this makes the EC! ;) A wonderful message and a lovely poem, though I have to agree that the formatting was a bit distracting. Way to stretch!
the format is unique. This brings "word pictures" to a whole new dimension. Well done. Thanks for sharing it
The format was great for me as a reader until just at the end when it switched up to streams vs. left to right, but then I caught it and liked it still. Great creativity. I know from experience that this type of formatting isn't easy to pull off. More than the formatting, great writing, especially the ending.
Shaped poetry is always fun to read, you have done a masterful job of creating this project.
I had to laugh at what Joanne said, because I remember you said the exact same thing while you were writing it.

I still love it. :D
Great in word and appearance! I love how you brought this poem together. Great work!
And you say you don't like poetry...ha! You'd never know it from this piece. Wonderfully creative, beautiful poem. Well done!