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Beautifully written and hopeful, depite all of the pain.
OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I had to read this through several times to be sure I didn't miss a single bite. This is absolutely POWERFUL..... The "Curve" element was a stroke of genius. I just loved this... and especially the kernel of healing at the end. Loved how you ended with HOPE.....
Beautifully written, but heartbreaking as well. I, too, am glad for the glimmer of hope at the end. Great job.
Oh, how deep and passionate! Very good, though sad.
A powerfully emotional poem!
Woah! Had to fan myself there a few times. :) Then, I wasn't sure where it was going. ;)

Very, very touching, and humbling. Filled with lots of emotion. Love it.
This poem made me smile, gave me chills, and broke my heart...and all within such a brief piece! Very intense, beautiful writing. Every word and line was wonderfully crafted. Loved it.

Maxx, you are a poet and this is amazing. Great imagery, your rhythm was perfect. Absolutely wonderful.
Nice images. Good flow. Great job
I had to read this twice to remember where I stumbled just a tad ...I was so engrosed in the flow of its tragic beauty.

This is the place I found - "The sound of your distant car motor still searing my interminable consciousness"

It's a poem not easily forgotten ... awesome.

For me, a poem has to touch some emotion in me. This one touched many. I don't often re-read entries, but I did this one. Excellent.
Beautiful, bittersweet story; beautiful redemption and hope in your poem. I enjoyed reading it.
Wow, amazing poem with powerful images, both sweet and sad. Excellent job!
Wow - I echo what everyone else has said. Wow
Powerful with a bright glimmer of hope at the end.
This is breathtakingly sobering. Sometimes, when re-reading a favorite book and I know a critical bad choice is about to be made by one of the characters, I want to cry out, "No. Stop."
But that never helps, the story continues as the author intended. Sometimes the story ends with tragedy, sometimes with triumph, sometimes (as yours) with hope. Few pieces affect me the way your poem has - all I can add to the kudos above is, well done!
This will long resonate in my heart. Your gift once again shines!
Interesting and powerful verse, I have to read it a couple of more times to figure out if I like it. :)
wow. powerful. moving. hope at the end. wow.
Very visual and entertaining. Very good. God bless.
Oh my gosh, I LOOOOVE it. This is incredible.
Very well done. I like the flow and the imagery of this piece.
Absolutely incredible.
WOW! Amazing description and intensity, kept me reading on thinking what next, what chapter of life are they facing now?Beautifully arranged!From sweet romantic and tender memories to ones of tragedy and sorrow. I like how you wove hope in the last verses, truly brought a curve to my lips. My hats off to you for accomplishing such a masterpiece as far as I am concerned.:0)God bless you and your gifts.Keep up the great work!!:0) Janice
Congratulations Maxx - welcome back and stick around for awhile - okay?

Hauntingly beautiful.

Enjoy it my friend.

This is incredible. It touched me to the very core. Major goosebumps.

(I love the line about the wedding dress -- brilliant imagery.)

Congratulations, and wonderful poem.
Beautiful imagery and your choice of words is pure art. Congratulations, too, on a well-earned win!
Wow! This is powerful. I echo everyone else's comments. Congrats on your win!

This took my breath away -- literally. I'm trying to eat a quick sandwhich and read and suddenly found myself unable to breathe! Absoluely incredibly amazingly awesome! Wow!
Just invision me with my jaw wide open! This was absolutly wonderful. Such a great collection of magical useful descriptive words. you should be very proud of what you wrote here. I bow........
this is so good, Maxx. Your imagery and emotion provoking is fantastic. blessings, e