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This is one powerful piece of writing. The adjectives, descriptions, verbs, all so active. I really really ejoyed this!
Very sci-fi. Very unique. I liked it. One of those stories you just have to read two or three times and the more you read it, the more you read it, the more it grows on it. You seem to be very comfortable in this genre. That makes one of us! Keep up the good work!
This is very good writing. You made me feel, hear, and see. Just what you're supposed to do. The feel of this piece is quite good, too. Kudos.
Very powerful - and the PERFECT title. Your descriptions were amazingly engaging and visual. Great stuff!
Both sci-fi and allegory, powerfully written. Great atmosphere, graet voice. One of your best.
Very Good!! I loved feeling her inner struggle throughout the story--her obedience brought peace, not necessarily understanding. Good job!
Very good read. Well written and good pov.
Hauntingly powerful.
Kept me reading and interested throughout. Nice message on blind faith.
Very, very interesting! You portrayed well the MC's struggle to heal and thus bless a terrible sinner, but yet that is what Jesus did for each of us and what He asks us to do, also. Creative writing with great descriptive words and phrases, such as, "The white hand snaked out from beneath the covers." The man was a "snake," and your word choice was perfect! :)
Can you say "the envelope please!" I really didn't know what sci-fi was until I read this! Scary stuff and I second the "powerful writing" comment. This is definitely what your need to be writing. Start that book, woman!
Very good writing.Powerful and very descriptive.
I totally agree with the comments, this is POWERFUL! Fantastic writing!
Wow! This is AWESOME!!!!!! It's absolutely AWESOME!

Whew! I'm exhausted!
I read this earlier and didn't comment, I can't figure out why - it's beautifully written allegory. Thank you.
This is outstanding science fiction. What a wonderful job you did of writing a beautiful story with the greatest message we have!
This story was wonderful. Great writing!
Very powerful writing and message. Descriptions were great and the tension, both internal and external, were nicely, and meaningfully resolved. Great job!
Way to go! What a moral dilemna with the perfect and only true answer. Makes one stop to think: what would I do? You've shown us what we should oh my what good writing!
One of my favs. Great job. God bless.
You have a knack for making your reader FEEL both the physical and the emotional-spiritual dimension in your writing. I'm glad I came looking, to thank you for your comment on my sci-fi story. This is super. I appreciate you and what you write.