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This is absolutely, wonderful! You writing gift shines bright in each and every sentence. Thanks for the Blessing! Sci-fi at its finest!
This is wonderful writing. I kept picturing Data from the Star Trek series from the 1990's and I felt so sad for the robot! Well done!
Wow! This is awesome sci-fi! I love the 'robot' and the last line especially is just so...right, somehow. I love the dialouge between his creator and wondering about a soul. Just a tip, for the sentence where it says 'the old man smiled' It makes it appear as if the old man was talking. ^_^
Very well done.
This a unique take on the concept of artificial intelligence. I love the ending. Good work.
I love this! Very Asimov-like.

FYI: A "hansom" is a carriage. I think you wanted "handsome."

Love the way you portrayed the tender relationship between the man and his creation.
So very intriguing! I definitely felt for the robot, and the scientist. Fascinating.
I like how you managed to weave the message of salvation throughout your excellent story.
Very interesting. Well written story.
One of my favorites so far! I loved this! It has a very strong spirit in it.
Cool - and we are left to wonder.... :)
This story to me is profound in that it gives me pause to stop and think and consider.

Great job and congratulations on your well-deserved placement in EC.
Wow. This story is amazing. The ending is what haunts me the most, and not only because we don't know what happens next. You wrote such an intriguing dialogue that you truly have me wondering, WOULD God take Djayco to heaven?

Excellent job, and congratulations on your wins!