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Wow, powerful story. Very creative.
Chilling story, well told.
This story has many layers and is told well.
Very creative story; I enjoyed reading this one!
This needs to be a novel. Seriously--it's incredible.
Wow. This is creepy. You did an excellent job of just grabbing me right into the story and taking it along so innocently. Wonderful writing! This is so creative, I wish there was more! A lot more! ^_^ Very well done. I love her stand 'til the end. May we all take note of her courage.
Absolutely haunting. Your descriptions were frighteningly vivid and troubling. Excellent.
Absolutely chilling. Excellently written.
The thing that's really scary about this is I can see it actually happening some day. This drew me in and kept my attention. Well done.
I really like this! Very well written! Could just place! :-)
This well written story haunts the mind with what could possibly be in store for Christians. Wouldn't it be great if we allowed our thoughts to go only where God's Spirit leads us?
Wow! You had me hooked with every word - from beginning to end. It reads like an excerpt from a neovel.

Again ... Wow!
PS. But beware of Maxx's kiss of death. ;)
Awesome story! I really liked how you told it. Great work!
This is crying out to be expanded into a book! FANTASTIC!
Very creative and well written.
Sobering thought. Well written.
May I be shocked. This is a very thought provoking peice here! Keep writing with His blessings!
Scary, creepy, and all too possible.
Over all ready? Ended way too soon. Hope you have plans on expanding this.
Nice writing skill on display and entertaining. God bless.
Wow. I agree... vivid and haunting. Great story.
I think this was... ouch, oh, the pain! it was right on... ooooo, agony... right on target for what the world is about to face. Ouch... ooooo, I'm glad I got that said.
I want to read the rest of this. There has to be more, right? Thanks for posting the link to this piece.
This was very well written, chilling, and out-of-the box. I liked it the first time I read it and still do.