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Ooo, sounds almost like Sasquatch, aka Big Foot, though he doesn't have leaf-like things. He's said to roam around my part of the woods.
This is polished to perfection and ready for publication, from what I see.
Great story, very well told. I really thrilled at your punch line:

"Today my imagination was staring back at me."

I love the title! This was a very well written story full of mystery. The last line was great!
Some great description here! It was written so well that it sounded like a true story.
Very good. Good pace, kept me reading to the end.
I read your article about the difference between happiness and joy, then stopped by to visit one of your challenge articles.

Your writing is well-organized and proceeds from point to point with clarity and logic. In this one you combined the gift of reason with imagination. A winning combination! Ever try writing "Sherlock Holmes" type books? I think you would be good at it.