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Poor, poor Elizabeth. I suspected she had not made actual tea, but had no idea her father was involved in dumping of the tea. Also, the last line about having the teapot on her wedding day made the ending especially poignant. I also liked the dynamic between Elizabeth and her fiancee. Nice story! I am rapidly becoming overwhelmed by the creativity all the FWers are displaying with these historical entries.
This was gripping! I didn't see any of it coming, the father's involvement, the wedding gift. Great action in the beginning. Well done!
That was interesting. This time period is one of my favorite in American history. ^_^
I have a lot of sympathy for Elizabeth. I hope her father made amends with her before her wedding. Nicely written.
Oh, poor Elizabeth! What a treasure to loose. This brought the Tea Party to life--right down to the inner-conflicts within families. Good job!!
Great action and story line - really enjoyed it.
You gave this story new-life, showing its out-reaching effects. Great writing!
You definitely brought an already "alive" story even more to life. This felt amazingly authentic and realistic. Excellent!
A story rich in irony, one of my favorite literary devices. Good job!
Well done!!!
Nice story. Good twist at the end. Well told, very interesting. Great writing!
Because of the genre, when I read your title, I just knew it would have something to do with the Boston Tea Party. But, how nice to see also some of the family intrigue that was produced from it. Good writing in this genre for you.
This was done very well. Great characters and setting!
Great writing. I have always been intrigued by the Boston Tea Party and this showed a great side of it.
Very good! I enjoyed this little touch of history.
This was one of my favorites, creatively told, with great description and characterization!
Nicely written. The title did give the story away but not the ending. You brought the characters to life.
God bless and keep writing.