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Good thought here. Good advice.
Beautiful, wonderful description and emotion throughout, with a fabulously told lesson. A masterpiece!
This line jumped out at me. "Cherish them, love them deeply. And conversely, when all is said and done, some relationships should be gently set down when they’ve reached their dignified or sensible conclusions." It is so true.
Thumbs for this powerful devotion.
I love how the watch is a picture of the man. There were so many phrases and sentences here that were rich with meaning. This is a wonderful tribute to your uncle...thank you for letting us in on it.
Oops, that's thumbs up!
Wonderful, poetically written, look at living in God's eternity while spending time in time. This is especially fascinating to me - I've been studying "time" for years, trying to understand.

This so aptly describes too many of my days: "frantically racing between drive-through gratifications", when I long to be"driving the backwoods of unexplored territory" instead. If only I had the time. :)
Well done!!
Truly inspiring! I loved this line: But time cannot, will not be reserved. It continues to surge onward. It reminds me to invest every moment I'm given into things that matter, like family, friends, people... Sometimes I feel a bit guilty for spending too much time on the computer, but if that time is invested in writing for His glory and in the encouragement of others, then it may well be time - well spent. Good title too. Blessings, Cheri
Very thought provoking. The visual you gave us of his watch links beautifully to the concept of taking time rather than always saving time--a great memory link. Excellent.
This is really beautiful. I could spend some time savoring many lines in this piece and probably will do so. Good job!
This is excellent. I really like how you used the image of your uncle's watch in the story, drawing from it a thought-provoking consideration of how we should spend our time today.
So very lovely. This is so well written. Thanks so much for sharing it.
I love all the ways that time is represented here, and you brought its significance to light very well. Thanks for sharing this
Wow. What depth and richness is found here in your depictions of time. Very powerful. There is much here to chew on and digest in order to gain more wisdom. Great job!